Services and Policies

The Therapy Process

In therapy, we look at dynamics that that have been implemented in your life for various reasons. Originally, these roles served a purpose, such as safety, security, or self-preservation. When they no longer serve a purpose, they get in the way and relationships don’t work as well as we would like. To begin to look at these can be difficult, and doing something in a different way may take some time as well as patience. I will support you through this by looking at obstacles and ways to manage, and by consciously connecting you to what is going on in your body.


I do accept insurance. I am on panel for PacificSource through Reliant Behavioral Health. Many insurance companies offer out of network benefits as well, so although I may not be on your insurance panel you may still be able to use your insurance to come see me. I am also on several Employee Assistance Programs (Cascade and Reliant Behavioral Health).

Before beginning therapy, either you or I should check benefits.

Before making the decision to use your insurance coverage to reimburse you for therapy, please consider the following:

  • Confidentiality: All insurance companies require some information about the reason you’re receiving therapy in order to process your claim. That means some details about you and the work we do together ends up outside of the room, outside of our control.
  • Control of Treatment: Some insurers may use this information to judge if treatment is medically necessary, what kind of therapy is approved, and, later, if it should continue. The employees make these determinations without ever meeting you.
  • Psychiatric Diagnosis: To allow you to use your insurance, I’m required to give you a mental health diagnosis.
Appointments and Cancellations

Your time is valuable, as is mine. I ask that you give me 24 hours notice for a cancellation so that you will not be billed the full fee of the session. I know that there are things that come up unexpectedly and so allow for some exceptions.


I am in the office Mon, Thu, and Sat. With evening appointments available as well. Please call to inquire.

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