Are You Struggling in Your Life?

Caroline Resari LGBT CounselorIs something missing and you aren’t sure what? Are you repeating the same patterns over and over again? Are you in a relationship that could be great? Or are just about ready to throw in the towel?

Maybe it feels like a long time since you’ve felt that spark of love, passion, excitement, creativity, or purpose. I can help!

Helping Portland Area Clients

I work with couples, individuals, families, and groups through the challenges and transitions that lead to stress and snuff their spark. Are you ready to enjoy an open, purposeful and exciting life?

I offer both therapy as well as life coaching, and I am an LGBT counselor for the Portland area. My intention if for you to come see me, to gain the skills in order to lead the life you want.

Contact me today and begin awakening your spark! I offer free 20 minute consultations to see if I may be a good fit with what you are looking for.

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