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Study on Playfulness Helps With Depression
Study of Wuhan University Students Mental Health During COVID-19
Relationship Strategies When Home During the Coronavirus
Life Coaching to Help with Coronavirus Stress
Tips for Teens From a Counselor on Surviving Isolation
Mental Health Coaching to Prepare for Life With COVID-19
TeleHealth Life Coaching Can Help You Manage Anxiety
How Online Telethealth Therapy Works for Couples
3 Counseling Tips for Well-Being If COVID-19 Is Making You Feel Hopeless
Coaching Tips for Life During COVID-19 & Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
When Social Distancing Becomes Social Isolation: How Online Counseling Helps
Surviving the Coronavirus: 9 Practical Steps for Couples
University Counseling Can Help When Stressed With Student Loans
With Life Coaching Many Youth Want to Discuss Spirituality
I Love You, I Hate You: Surviving Relationship Churn with Couples Counseling
How a Counselor Can Help With Loneliness
Coaching Helps Develop Healthy Relationships with Dependent Personalities
LGBT Counseling Can Help Men With Loneliness
Relationships Help Mental Health In Couples Counseling
The Role Joy Plays In Our Emotional & Mental Health
Counseling Homework Isn’t as Effective As You Think
Three Principles For Loving On Purpose
How Can Therapy Address Depression Associated with Chronic Illness?
How to Protect Transgender Kids from Bullying at School
How to Make Relationship Conflict a Springboard for Growth With Couples Therapy
10 Good Reasons to Seek Relationship Coaching
Counseling When Your Loved One Comes Out as LGBTQ+
Mental Health Issues Rising Among University Students
How to Create a Couples Communication Playbook Together
What Makes Therapy Good: The 4 Pillars of Counseling
Trolls & Toxicity: Surviving Online Harassment
Mental Health Awareness : How Can Therapists Participate?
Stressful School Year? Use Summer to Help Your Student Manage Anxiety
Factors That Affect University Student Mental Health
10 Good Reasons to Seek Relationship Coaching
University Graduate Students Counseling Help
Coaching Steps To Discuss Relationship Problems
Exploring Healthy Relationships in Couples Therapy
Strengthening Couples Emotional Connection
Increase Relationship Intimacy with Letter Writing
Skeptical About Couples Therapy? 3 Things You Should Know
3 Things Your Therapist Wants You to Do Before Couples Therapy Begins
Regret About One’s Ideal Self Often Hurts the Most
Posting a Daily Photo May Improve a Person’s Well-Being
Tips For Trying to Manage Your Anger
Coping with Loss as We Age
Life Presence Coaching For Better Living
How Mindfulness Coaching Can Help Relationship Empathy & Conflict Resolution
Is Your Regret Causing Anxiety? Understand Your Regret
Portland Life Coaching Tip to Boost Your Happiness
Is Your Family Losing Sleep?
3 Things Your Therapist Wants You to Do Before Couples Therapy Begins
Danger of “if then” thinking
A few shifts from arguing
How I work with people: part 4
How I work with people part 3
How I work with people in coaching and therapy: part 2
How I work with people in coaching and therapy: part 1
Ending therapy or coaching
Timeframe for Coaching and Therapy
Family Counseling Conversation Around End of Life
Breath as a Life Coaching Skill
Ch Ch Ch Changes
YES or maybe not
Finding a Therapist/Coach
Saying “No”
Choice of Therapist/Coach
Boundaries-knowing your no (sneaking in anger)
Holidays with Family
Making Clear Agreements
Are you taking time for you?
What Dogs Can Teach us: Lesson 2
What Dogs can Teach Us: Lesson 1
Where is Your Attention?
Ideas of Quality Time
Holidays with Couples
Healing isn’t linear
Frequency in Therapy/Coaching
Emotional Fitness
Do one thing
two sides to a coin
Helping part 2
Asking for Help
sharing the potentially embarrassing
New Book! 47% off
Recommitting to Intentions
More on Intentions
Doing vs Being
Emotional Intelligence
Layers of Change
Sat availability
Living as Art
Small Changes
Sex and Your Environment
From Patterns to Possibilities: Increase your aliveness, connectedness and creativity
Thoughts on Teen Suicide
Broken Heart and Vulnerability
Shame and Vulnerability: Brene Brown’s talk
Fix It. Fix me. Fix them.
Why ask “Why?”
Success Measurement
Rules around Feelings
Attracting the Love you Want: Workshop for GLBTQ Community in Portland
Excitement for your “to do” list
Life Resolutions
Upcoming Event JAN 3rd
End of Year: what are your successes?
Gratitude toward mentors
One Day to Give Thanks
Taking time
People Pleasing or Just Plain Pleasing
know it all or not
What is your pace
What is your passion?
New Plan, new intention for this blog
Top Tips to Sparkalicious Relationships Workshop
Relationship Toolbox Group Every Wednesday

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