Recommitting to Intentions

It is still Jan and after my last two posts, one might think that I would be on top of my intentions. Well last week I wasn’t. I will use myself as an example here.

My intention since mid Oct has been to write a blog post every week, posting on Fri. I didn’t this week. Now at this time I could blame myself (Geez why can’t I just write the post), be critical (I am a lazy person), make up stories (See, you can’t keep an intention long term). And I ask, does that actually get me anywhere besides feeling down on myself? My answer is no, it doesn’t. So instead, I acknowledge it. “I didn’t write my blog post when I told myself I would.” I own that I didn’t do it. It is a fact. Here tone is important. Am I saying this with blame or judgement in my voice? And I am honest with myself. I don’t just go through the motions to get to the next step. I take a deep breath without the judgement or blame, a non-toxic breath. ID-100128441

Next I asked myself “Do I want to continue with this?” When I said, “Yes,” I recommitted and am now taking action by writing and posting. It is that simple when you or I step away from our intentions. Try it out and see what happens.


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